the most monday of all mondays


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hey guys! just a little monday update for you. today was kind of an unproductive day for me, and i hate when that happens! i only got a few hours of sleep last night, and was rushing to pilates this morning (i'm still trying to remind myself why i signed up for 8am class ;)). after making it there 15 minutes late and powering through the session i came home and felt so sick (a classic thing that happens to me when i don't get enough sleep) and ended up falling asleep on the sofa. a few hours later i woke up and felt like my whole day was totally thrown off. what a great way to start the week eh? ;) but besides that there are a few things i want to talk about here:

ok so you guys, i have really been struggling in this area lately. i have been horrible when it comes to eating healthy meals. more often than not i have been reaching for candy or chips or take out for basically all of my meals and it sucks! and i'm definitely paying the price for it now. i feel so sluggish and just off, and i know it's because i've been eating poorly! i know everyone falls off the bandwagon every now and again so i'm trying not to beat myself over it too much, but it is motivating me to make better choices. so i'm going to try to eat homemade healthy meals for the rest of the week and hope that i start to feel a bit better. i'll try to remember to update you on how it goes by friday!

i know i was complaining about the early start time (which kind of kills me every time i have to get up early) but once i'm there i seriously love it! i'm so glad i was finally able to get connected with it and am proud of myself for sticking to it for a few months now. i'm feeling so much stronger and i think my posture has really improved. it's so encouraging to see and feel those results. (all those early mornings and hard work are worth it!).

trying to sublet my apartment for the summer has proven to be the most draining thing i've done in a while. the whole process is just so tiring and i can't wait to have everything all sorted out. i'm hoping that i can get it figured out sooner rather than later, but it's not looking too promising yet. i don't know how many more times i can cheerfully show someone around my place after cleaning it for an hour only to hear nothing back. 

so that has been a little bit of life lately. also, on a side note, i am so happy that it is officially spring!! although the weather reminds me more of winter (we had a serious snow session this afternoon), i'm so happy to have more daylight in the evening and starting to see some of the spring bulbs start to grow. 

hope everyone had a good monday! 

xo, liz 

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