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maybe. and by maybe i mean absolutely we did. when we were in new york a few years ago we went to the infamous shake shack, and i fell in love. and you know what you crave a food and it’s all you can think about until you finally have it? that’s what it’s been like with me and shake shack for the last couple of years. 

so when my mom and i decided that we were going to drive down to myrtle beach this spring i thought to myself “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could somehow stop in a city that had shake shack?” and of course my mom was on board (bless, i love how we are often on the same page). so one thing lead to another and we booked a hotel in tyson’s corner where they have a shake shack. i honestly know nothing else about the city, other than their great taste in burger shops. 

we’re only stopping there for a night, so realistically a good place for dinner (and most likely second dinner, and breakfast if we can squeeze it ;)) is all we need. 

so that’s going to be happening in a couple of months and i am SO excited. 

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