officially moved out of my first apartment


this evening i handed over the keys to the person i am subletting from and it finally hit me that i'll be away from my apartment for four whole months. and while i know that's not the end of the world it was kind of sad seeing it go, even if it is just for the summer!

things have been feeling super hectic right now. between finishing finals, visiting in lindsay for the weekend, moving out, unpacking things at home, and trying to get ready for a two week vacation..... it's been kind of overwhelming to say the least. i've been trying to take it "one day at a time" as they say, but it's so hard! i feel like my mind just keeps racing with what i need to do next. does this happen to anyone else?

i know it's all going to be worth it though. crazy to think that in just a few days i will be down south enjoying the ocean and warm weather!

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