prepping to move back home


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so i've decided that i am going to move back home for the summer in an attempt to save some (read "a lot") of money. as much as i have come to love my little apartment, i just couldn't justify spending the money on it over the summer. so i went through the exhausting process of finding a sub-letter a have finally gotten that all figured out!

so now comes the fun part... moving all my stuff back home.

i originally was hoping to leave most of the big furniture at my apartment over the summer, but the person who ended up signing it doesn't want anything left behind. which is totally fine, it just means i get to spend some extra time figuring out how i'm going to move a whole apartment worth of stuff back home into my 10 x 10 bedroom. i'm hoping most of the bigger stuff will fit in our basement and garage, but i still have to declutter everything in my room.

so today i tackled my closet. 4 trash bags of garbage and 2 bags for donation later and it's looking a lot better! i know it's only step 1 of like 1000, but i'm getting there. slowly but surely ;).

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