to cut my hair or not


the only semi good pictures i could find with my 'shorter' hair were from halloween, hence the leopard makeup ;)

2 years ago i was feeling impulsive (what else is new) and decided to cut my hair short, or at least my version of short. 

and here we are again, 2 years later. and after growing out my hair for what feels like forever i am getting the urge to cut my hair again. so here's a little pro's and con's list i made up to help me try to decide. in all honesty though, knowing me, i will probably just go for it and then spent the next few months regretting it ;). but here we go: 

long hair 

- it's pretty. plain and simple
- it's fun to style and the options are endless 
- i feel like it helps slim out my face (always important) 

- it takes FOREVER to dry. like hours on hours on hours
- it just looks messy (in the worst way) when i don't style it
- oh an styling it takes forever too
- it's always getting in the way. it's caught in my hoods, behind my back, in my face. it never ends

short hair 

- it's trendy
- it's easier to take care of
- it dries faster
- it takes less time to style
- it's not constantly in my way/easier to manage
- it will look healthier

- i know i'm going to hate it and want to grow my hair out asap
- sometimes i feel like it makes my face look wider, just saying
- there's the whole dilemma about what to do about the colour... i mean i feel like i would need to deal with the chopped off ombre, and i mean that costs $$$

blahhhhh i don't know what to do guys. any suggestions?

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