new favourite breakfast place


yesterday was "liz day"!! we had this competition going the first week of our vacation and i ended up winning, which meant i got to have a whole day where i decided what we did {a pretty great prize if you ask me ;)}. one of the things i love to do the most when i travel is try out new restaurants. i find that a good meal or discovering a new "favourite place" is something i remember even years later about a place i've travelled to. so i started off liz day with breakfast at Johnny D's. their menu is amazing and honestly i just want to have breakfast there everyday now because there are so many things i want to try! i ended up getting the red velvet waffle with cream cheese icing and it was to die for!!! honestly so delicious and surprisingly light, which makes it totally acceptable to have for breakfast right? ;)

they also make amazing skillet dishes {i stole a couple of bites of my dad's}, and homemade bagels which i definitely want to try if we go there again *fingers crossed*. i sometimes find it funny that we are still able to find new things to do down here, even though we've been to myrtle beach every year for the last 20 years or so! johnny d's will definitely become a regular i think. :)

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