road trip down to myrtle beach


my mom and i took a road trip down to myrtle beach this year and it was so much fun! we left early on saturday morning and spent the night in tysons corner and did some shopping. i was a little bit nervous about such a long drive, but it seemed to just fly by!

we accidentally ended up taking all the back roads for most of the first day, and hit every small town in new york and pennsylvania, which i kind of liked... my mom not so much ;).

during our night in tysons corner we stopped and had shake shack for dinner! i'll be honest... we totally planned the trip around stopping for shake shack, we are obsessed. and it was SO good! so happy that we stopped for it. we also did some shopping which was awesome. one of my favourite stores was nordstrom, or "nordi's" as we call it ;). although shopping was a lot of fun, getting back to the hotel after ended up being such a struggle! there were at least 3 of the same hotels in the area that were all about the same distance apart. long story short, what should have been a 5 minute drive home ended up taking us half an hour.

the next morning we had a quick breakfast at starbucks and headed off. we arrived in myrtle beach around 5 that evening and we are so happy to be here!

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