an update on monday


ok, so monday didn't go exactly as planned, but i still think i made a step in the right direction. i think consciously trying to avoid take out and junk food made me realize just how much i crave it and give in. i kind of failed at this one today.... i was doing pretty well in the morning. but after a tough meeting at school i headed straight to starbucks and grabbed an iced passion tea lemonade and cheese danish. i tried to justify it as a reward for getting through the meeting, and getting some studying done. it also just felt like a good way to kill time. i was kind of annoyed at myself for giving in so early, but looking back at it now i guess it was good to learn that i use food as a reward quite often. later in the day i ended up grabbing a sandwich from a local cafe for dinner (today was tough for takeout) and although it was a healthier choice it still broke my "rules" for the week.

my strong point for today though was exercise! i set my goal as 5,000 steps for day and i hit 10,000!! that hasn't happened since God knows when so that was pretty exciting.

overall, i am pretty confident with the way things started. i know the diet wasn't 100%, but at least the effort and mindfulness was there right? ;). tomorrow will be better, i promise!

ps. did anyone else watch the bachelor tonight? i feel like so much stuff happened. can't wait for next week. i am seriously obsessed with this show!

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