keeping on track | tuesday update


i am happy to say that i have been pretty good at sticking to my goals today. i didn't grab any takeout (even though i was so tempted to stop at starbucks on the way home from pilates this morning). i cut back a lot on junk food and just had some ice cream after dinner (and maybe 2 muffins.... it's a work in progress). i know it wasn't great, but i feel like it was an improvement from what i've been eating recently. 

the step goal has been the most challenging part of today. i ended up falling asleep after pilates (thanks allergy medicine) and didn't wake up until mid afternoon. i spent most of the remaining day just lounging and doing small chores around the house, so it was really hard to get up to 5,000 steps. but i ended up taking duke (pictured above) out for a small walk which helped. it also checked off walking my dog at least once this week so that is progress in and of itself! 

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