2016 fall bucket list


for me, fall "starts" september 1st.... which is only a couple of weeks away! i've put together a list of things i want to do this year :)

this fall i want to: 

01. decorate for fall 
02. bake pumpkin muffins 
03. celebrate thanksgiving with friends 
04. visit a pumpkin farm 
05. take pictures of the changing leaves 
06. go for an evening walk 
07. cheer on our football team 
08. try all of the starbucks seasonal drinks 
09. bake cookies 
10. burn fall candles 
11. carve pumpkins 
12. try a new pumpkin recipe 
13. go to a haunted house 
14. wear hunters 
15. visit the farmer’s market
16. get baptized 
17. go on a date 
18. drink pumpkin ale 
19. make stew 
20. buy sunflowers 

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