is dating dead?


the dating subject is on my mind right now. i'm trying to get back in the "dating game" as they call it, and it seems to be harder than ever to actually date someone these days. i've waited patiently for months to just run into someone who might be worth grabbing a coffee with. but in world where more people pay more attention to their facebook updates than what's actually going on around them (myself included) that seems to be virtually impossible.

so then i joined tinder... again. i was so against it, but it kind of felt like the last resort. i've had a tinder account on and off for the last couple of years. and while i have met guys on there, it's never resulted in anything significant. this time around i told myself it was just innocent. i was just doing it to pass time, because i was bored. and who knows, maybe this time it would work out.

but i quickly found myself back in the same game i've played before. lot's of matches, but everyone wants "something casual". i want something more. an actual relationship. (shocking right?!). i think i kind of started out this whole thing naively hoping it would be like high school where people actually talked to the people they liked and went on dates. but today it seems like dates have been replaced with "netflix and chill".

so i'm just curious, is "netflix and chill" the next new 'dating'? do people get into relationships after doing the casual thing for a while. or are relationships just not a thing anymore? or are you just suppose to patiently wait it out for the elusive "one", however long that may take.

it just gets so frustrating when you know what you want, and you don't want to compromise yourself. but a part of you tries to be realistic and takes a look at what the dating world is really like right now and find yourself totally confused on what to do next.

those are my honest thoughts on dating right now. it's confusing. it sucks. i wish it was like 10 years ago, because i feel like it was probably SO much easier back then. then again, maybe it wasn't and maybe dating just sucks regardless of what generation you're from.... who knows.

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