a thanksgiving recap


thought i would write down a few things i did this weekend for posterity's sake. 

started off the weekend with what i like to call 'oktoberfeast'. a combination of oktoberfest and friendsgiving. hosted at the most beautiful apartment i've ever been at. and the festing was so much fun! glad i was able to go this year (its been forever!) 

saturday was our family thanksgiving. it was a feast. with lots of new side dishes. i was reminded how much i love family get togethers and also how much i love thanksgiving dinner. my favourite part this year was the oatmeal stuffing we had and a new green bean recipe i made... it's weird because it's not the best tasting thing, but i weirdly crave it? i know that doesn't really make sense. 

on sunday i had morning hockey practice and basically lounged the rest of the day. spent the evening studying/hanging out with friends and went on our traditional thanksgiving campus pizza run. 

monday was kind of bittersweet. my family and i had our hockey draft after lunch (and i'm pretty happy with my roster). after that it was hot chocolate and pumpkin trifle (also a thanksgiving tradition) al fresco in the park with my friends. we chatted, and laughed a lot (one of the many reasons i love hanging out with them), and then said our goodbyes for a couple of weeks. as sad as i am that they've gone back to their respective schools, i am happy that they will be back in town in a couple of weeks!! 

and that about sums it up. i have to say as a side note, the weather couldn't have been any better this weekend! it was clear and crisp, my favourite. i now have the rest of the week off for reading week, and it feels like all i'm going to be doing is studying, but i really want to do something fun as well.

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