lets be honest


this past weekend wasn't the fun relaxing weekend i was looking forward. in fact, it was quite the opposite. and the days to follow haven't been too great either. it's felt like a rollercoaster. there have been moments when i can pull myself together and begin to feel like my normal self, only to be followed by moments of immense emptiness and sadness. moments of frustration and anger, followed by feelings of happiness and contentment. moments when i have felt like taking time off to regroup, followed by moments of feeling like i need to accomplish everything i normally do, if not more. the whole process has been exhausting.

and i know logically that this is just a 'thing' that will pass. but man, the process of waiting can sometimes feel never ending.

and these are my honest thoughts and feelings about this week. hoping and knowing that things will get better and back to 'normal'. hoping that comes sooner rather than later.

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